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Solar Pool Heating

Swimming is one of the most popular summertime activities. For many homeowners, having a pool is a must have especially during the hot summer months. With basic care, maintenance, water, and electrical, you can expect between $1800 – $5000 per year in fees related to having a pool. That can be a bit pricey especially when optimal pool usage is around five months of the year. Here’s the good news, there are ways to maximize your pool usage and lower long term gas and energy costs. How? Three words… Solar Pool Heating!

solar panels and solar collector

What is Solar Pool Heating?

At its most basic level solar pool heating is a way to heat your pool with solar panels instead of gas. High-quality solar panels and collectors are used to heat pool water by circulating and heating it before returning to the pool.

Depending on the setup, there will be an automatic or manual valve that is used to divert water through collectors or pool filters based on settings and pool temperature.

Benefits of Solar Heating

Swimming has many health benefits including relaxation, stress relief and low impact whole body fitness. It’s also a great way to cool off on a hot summer day! By installing solar pool heating you’ll get to enjoy these benefits all year long. 

More great reasons to go solar…

  • Decreased gas and energy costs 
  • Requires less maintenance and upkeep
  • Last longer than traditional pool heating systems
  • Pays for itself in 3 years

Installation Cost

There are many factors that influence the cost of solar pool heating installation with the average investment around $5,500. Factors that influence cost include the type of system installed, the size of your pool, angle of collectors and desired water temperature. This may seem expensive at first glance but given that gas pool heater costs range from around $2000 per year to run, solar pool heater installation pays for itself in three years or less. Learn more about our solar pool installation here.

Save big money with solar for your swimming pool

Who do you call?

Beyond Pool Care Inc. of course! Our team of solar installation experts are here to walk you through each step of the installation process. We use only the best solar pool heating products available and follow local code and insurance requirements. Contact us for a FREE Estimate today!

Swimming pool solar installation