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Beyond Pool Care Inc.

At Beyond Pool Care Inc. we’re focused on providing pool owners with information and resources to help keep their pool crystal clear all year long. Let’s face it… there is nothing better than a relaxing day by a refreshing clean pool.  

As a full service pool company, we offer weekly cleanings, solar pool heating, renovations, equipment updates and new pool constructions. We’re proudly providing services to both commercial and residential customers in the greater Santa Rosa, CA area!

Pool repair needs can drain your pool and your pockets…

Our experienced pool technicians are extensively trained and understand the importance of pool and/or spa chemistry levels, equipment checks, and regular maintenance to ensure our clients avoid costly mistakes.

Pool repair needs can drain your pool and pockets. It’s always advised to be proactive with regular maintenance and equipment checks.

Has your backyard oasis started to look more like a swamp? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Within a few weeks of rising summer temperatures and increased pool usage even the cleanest of pools will rapidly grow algae. Getting your pool back in tip-top shape may take a few treatments so let Beyond Pool Care Inc.’s technicians will get your pool back on track.

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