3 Tips for Planning  
Summer Pool Parties


Sonoma and Napa have the perfect setting for your summer pool parties. If you have your own swimming pool or are booking a pool side retreat, you’ll find nothing beats the beautiful scenery, restaurants, wineries, and other attractions nearby.

As a pool construction company, we’ve had the privilege to build some of the most amazing and unique pools surrounded by the natural beauty this area has to offer. 

beyond pool care pool construction

I mean really… the pool side views in Sonoma don’t get much better than this!

Follow us to see this pool’s progress.

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering of close friends or a large bash for the entire neighborhood, there are a few things that you’ll need to make your party a success.

Here’s our top 3 tips for making your summer pool parties unforgettable. 

1. Pool party essentials – food and drinks

Let’s be honest, there are some poolside snacks and drinks that just don’t sit well. California summers tend to turn up the heat and the last thing you’ll want to serve is something that spoils quickly… yuck!

Instead, think beach vacay vibes. Refreshing drinks paired with delicious snacks guaranteed to keep your guests satisfied. Here are a few ideas we love. 


Lobster Sliders
Need a recipe? Look no further!
Keto Chicken Tacos
Recipe here!
Shrimp Cakes
Check out this delicious recipe!
Tequila Mojitos
Delicious summer sip!
Rose Wine Spritze
A summer time favorite!
Delicious Iced Tea
Non-Alcoholic Hawaiian Iced Tea!

2. Decorating for your pool party – banners, flags, balloons

Adding a few simple decorations to your pool party can really make it feel like a special event. Banners and flags are an easy way to add some color and festive flair, and they can be hung just about anywhere. Don’t forget to add ambiance with outdoor lights.

Or better yet, hang up an outdoor movie screen and watch movies from your pool floats!!! Don’t forget to get epic pool floats!

With a little bit of creativity, you can easily take your pool party from ordinary to extraordinary.

3. Activities for your pool party – games, music, swimming

Games are a great way to keep guests entertained, and there are options for all ages and swimming abilities.

Music is also a must-have for any pool party – create a playlist of summer classics or let your guests choose their own tunes.

Looking for ideas for adult pool games? We’ve added some ideas below…

Floating Golf
Golf and swimming… I’m in! Find yours here!
Table Tennis
It’s super fun, give it a try!
Pool Poker
Find it here!

Last but not least… have a blast and NEVER forget your sunscreen!!!